Orchard on the coldest day of winter, ©2016 L. Honig


by Zeke Duckworthy


until you wait
you have no idea
afterwards of course
it doesn’t matter

until the falling
is the reason
for the apples
or for loving

climb the staircase maybe
or climb up to the moon
it doesn’t matter
up or down
a concept without meaning
without being

hold yourself above it
above – another word
that holds itself alone
and afterwards of course
it doesn’t matter

if i am the river
does it mean that i am holy
does the watercourse have meaning
will my eyes ever regard
saint gravity


Zeke Duckworthy left White Plains, NY, when he was 16. Sometimes he goes back for a visit. This is a lyric to “Saint Gravity.”

He says, “Zeke Duckworthy is one of my names. I write songs, take pictures, ride around when I can, associate with dogs. My guitar playing has improved a little. I can’t sing too well but I do what I can.”