“it could almost bring heat to your bones/recast them into steam” —Carianne R. Hixson, “My Manhattan.”

photo by Carianne R. Hixson

photo by Carianne R. Hixson

— Alec Subre Wide’s poems “On Clifford Holland” and “On the GWB” provide a wonderful poetic picture of some local structures and history. (For some background, take a look at this article in the New York Times.)

— Have you ever been curious about the streams running under Manhattan? Then you’ll enjoy “Three-Pound Carpe Diem,” HuffPo columnist Marsha Temlock’s fictionalized account of her uncle and his hardware store hijinks.

— From acclaimed poet Marjorie Maddox comes a bluesy pair of poems, “After Notes Narrative” and “Blues, now,”—the first centered around the Empire State Building, the second dedicated to Fats Domino and Etta James.

— “Do not/fall/in love with this city,” cautions acclaimed artist, poet, and author Ivan Jenson in his poem “I Love New York.”

painting by Ivan Jenson

painting by Ivan Jenson

— “It seemed/like my brain was turning into/one big fried noodle”…check out new poem “Fighting the Smells” by former Poet Laureate of Queens, Hal Sirowitz.

— “at noon the Hudson/melts slightly and caramel oozes off”: “Tour Guide” by Timothy Charles Anderson, with art by Radio Free Bronx


— “My son met the love of his life in Manhattan. They carried on their courtship there and were married last year; I wrote this poem for them.” Don Kunz

— It may be April, but “The sounds of pandemonium…” applies any time of year. Ernestia Fraser of the Bahamas wrote “A November Day in New York” after a visit here last year…we’ve paired it with a photo by distinguished artist Ira Joel Haber.