“Walking Out of Prospect Park” by Mike Bernicchi: “walking out of prospect park/is like/walking out of/the womb…”

 — “Coney Island” by Gary Maggio: “I wondered if we were safe/even in front of Nathan’s/on busy Neptune Ave./I only had a sense/of where I was, visiting my parents’ home turf…”
Rollercoaster late '40s

drawing by Gary Maggio

“Atlantic Avenue” by Ben Nardolilli features the thought-provoking image of a boat on a city street. The poem was inspired partly by the Coney Island Mermaid Parade.

— We’re delighted to have William Doreski’s poem about Floyd Bennett Field, “Brooklyn Defunct,” as our first piece. Incredibly enough, right after posting this poem, we discovered this post about Floyd Bennett Field, which makes a great accompaniment.